nedbank branch of the future
As part of Nedbank’s commitment to making banking more accessible to all in South Africa, Nedbank wanted to launch its first “Nedbank Branch of the Future” with the aim of serving both the brands’ personal and business banking communities.


+27 Advertising was tasked with ensuring all of Nedbank’s in-branch customer facing content became an immersive digital experience that would continue to deliver a choice of distinctive experience and channels of choice, all enables through state of the art technology.
The challenge

Rather than have people paging through endless flyers, leaflets and brochures for information, Nedbank wanted their customers to be able to access pertinent information by simply touching a screen. Many of the communities serviced by Nedbank often have to travel for a long distance with costs to access banking services. With this in mind, +27 Advertising set out to develop technology that would allow an environment where greater emphasis could be placed on client advice and education, whilst at the same time providing self-service and easy-to-use technology to meet Nedbank clients’ day-to-day needs.

We created innovative features that included video banking facilities, queue management that reduced waiting times as well as internet banking facilitates with WiFi, internet stations and iPads for the convenience of clients waiting for various services.

We spent months designing the interactive user journey for each and every one of Nedbank’s financial products and mapping out each of the user journeys. The entire project took 6 months to complete. The project was unveiled and tested on November 2013 in one branch first, Nedbank La Lucia. Since then, the system we created, designed and developed has been adopted and implemented nationwide.