Discovery case study
Using Disruptive Change and Interestingness to Increase a Brand’s Growth

Take a Below-The-Line driven brand. Change its methodology from functional/rational and make it emotive. Introduce creativity, build
Above-The-Line brand awareness and greater engagement, and make it more accessible.

In less than two years +27 Advertising were able to achieve the impossible. They presented a premium insurance product to a saturated market and made it the fastest growing insurer in South Africa. How did they achieve this?
By making it ‘interesting’.
Faced with touch economic times in South Africa, a lack of awareness and share of voice in a very saturated short-term insurance market, +27 Advertising was tasked with creating an owned space for Discovery Insure as the only motor insurance for good drivers.

When +27 Advertising first on-boarded the Discovery Insure brand at the end of 2013, there was very little advertising behind the brand, and what existed sat in a hard retail space. Additionally, there was a need to entrench the 50% fuel back reward for good driving as Discovery Insure’s key USP, and communicate Insure as a premium offering and a first of its kind.

One of South Africa’s largest insurance providers, Discovery Insure, had been vying to establish itself as the leading player in the opportunity-rich yet increasingly competitive life and motor insurance market.

Through creating an integrated brand architecture for the sub-brand, +27 Advertising had a fervent belief that through an innovative above-the-line approach they had the opportunity to change the way South Africans viewed insurance.
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The +27 Advertising team developed a multi-pronged approach to this effort. The team performed a comprehensive assessment of the market opportunities, and this facilitated the identification of key areas in which Discovery Insure could make a distinctive play to capture significant future growth and a differentiated market position.

+27 Advertising’s communications focused on the single-minded takeout that Discovery Insure is insurance for good drivers, and as such their creative focused on the following:
  • Demonstrating good driving and good drivers in an exciting and attention-grabbing manner to ensure the brand was noticed and the USP was entrenched.
  • Representing a variety of interesting and relatable characters showing that anyone can be a better driver with Discovery Insure, as well as add an element of humour/entertainment.
  • Breaking through the clutter in the market by creating communications that place Discovery Insure in a league of its own, particularly when compared to competitors advertising.
Along with a comprehensive Above-The-Line strategy that encompassed a series of successful campaigns comprising TVCs, stings, radio, digital and print, +27 Advertising developed a thorough approach that would drive targeted traffic to the brand’s digital campaigns.

What resulted was an increase in engagement with customers and encouraged brand loyalty. Various advertising and marketing campaigns were rolled out during 2013-2014, including the Discovery Insure Driver Challenge campaign. This campaign resulted in over 60,000 drivers registering for the campaign at the time.

+27 Advertising’s strategy, proof of concept, and highly collaborative work style saw great buy-in and excitement among the stakeholders. Overall, Discovery Insure grew 423% from 2012 to date, with a compounded annual growth rate of 51.29%.

Looking at 2014 results alone, Discovery’s operating profit growth increased 23%, while Discovery Insure’s new business was exceptional, with 73% growth, continuing on its trajectory as the fastest-growing short-term insurer in South Africa.
When +27 Advertising took on the Discovery Insure campaign, one of the largest challenges Discovery faced was customer retention and brand loyalty for a premium product in a strained economic climate.

By taking the Discovery Insure brand on a journey from an idea driven space to an emotive one, not only was a connection made with the consumer, their love for and engagement with the brand saw them vote for Discovery Insure in the annual Sunday Times Top Brands survey, which culminated in a phenomenal achievement when Discovery Insure was named Number One Short Term Insurer in the 2015 chapter.

Throughout the campaign, the primary emphasis was pegged on creating a conversation and the agency’s ethos that ‘communications don’t build brands; conversations do’ echoed through the resulting increase in sales and a consumer driven award.