the discovery insure
driving challenge
Discovery Insure is a brand that is deeply committed to keeping South Africa’s roads safer. In the hopes of improving the way South Africans drive, Discovery Insure created a smartphone app that measured and scored driving behavior. +27 Advertising was tasked with launching this smartphone app to the broader South African public in a manner that was interactive, engaging and sharable. We created the Discovery Insure Driving Challenge.
the brief
The Discovery Insure Driving Challenge was made available to all South Africans – irrespective of whether you were a Discovery Insure member or not - with the only requirement being that they needed to download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once the app was installed on your phone, users could challenge friends, family, colleagues and even rival companies to take part in the Discovery Insure Driving Challenge.

The goal of the app? Simple. The better users drove and the more friends they invited to download the app and join the challenge, the more tickets they would earn into the challenge’s weekly prize draws.

Prizes included a share of R1 million in BP petrol vouchers and a trip for four to the Monaco Grand Prix.
the app worked
The app used a smartphone’s accelerometer and GPS to provide a driver with detailed driving information, including harsh braking and cornering, distracted driving (it knew if you were using your phone while driving), speeding and personalized driving tips.

In order to use the app, your location services had to be switched on, but it didn’t need to be activated each time a user drove. The app also had the ability to distinguish between your cellphone moving in your pocket versus whether it was a vehicle making it move.

The app included leaderboard functionality ranking your overall score against that of your friends, gender group, other drivers in their respective province and other drivers in the country.
The Discovery Insure Driving Challenge saw 60,000 participants download the app and actively engage with the campaign.

During the course of the campaign, Discovery Insure collected over 70 million kilometers of driving behavior data. On average, those who took part in the challenge improved their driving behavior by 20% within the first two days.
The greatest improvement in driver behavior was a reduction in phone motion which improved by 22%.

The data collected showed that if a driver used their mobile phone once during a trip, the result was an average of 52 seconds of distracted driving – the equivalent to driving blind for one kilometer at 60km/h